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Now is the time of year when many people are making New Year’s resolutions. Excited for the fresh start we buy our juicer, throw out the now stale holiday cookies, buy a new pair of sneakers and commit to no caffeine no alcohol no gluten in a bid to make ourselves healthier!

More productive! Kinder! Save more money! Living a more meaningful life than last year!

And by the time March rolls around we are barely clinging on to these resolutions or have abandoned them entirely. We try not to think about letting ourselves down but it does creep in and we judge ourselves, sometimes rather harshly.

But, what if we could use Tarot as a way to see if the resolution is the right one for us? Perhaps our resolution is not the resolution we should be making; perhaps the resolution is to leave a toxic relationship or lean into our work for a promotion rather than lose 10 pounds. 

Sometimes half the battle is not the resolution per se, but choosing the right one that fits where we are right now.  Tarot can help us figure out what we need to do to keep on track as well as point out any danger spots along the way.

Getting guidance on the most important resolution to make, ways to make it stick, and pitfalls and set- backs to be aware of can be a powerful tool for igniting transformation. So to help you think and create the resolutions that make sense to you I have created the ever handy-dandy:

New Year’s Resolution Tarot Spread

(You can create whatever kind of shape you would like for this spread, I tend to just read them line by line)

What area of my life needs a New Year’s resolution the most right now?

Pull 3 cards: 1, 2, 3

How can I best achieve positive results with this resolution?

Pull 3 cards: 4, 5, 6

What obstacles or dangers are in the way of the success of this resolution?

Pull 3 cards: 7, 8, 9

How will I know that I am on the right track to sticking to the resolution?

Pull 3 cards:  10, 11, 12

How will working this resolution contribute to transforming my life?

Pull 3 cards: 13, 14, 15

With a little guidance we can truly create the life we want to experience. If you have a tarot deck and can read yourself, give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!

Or, book an and we can discover this together.

Either way, once you are done, join me in my class on January 11th, Visioning the New Year Vision Board Workshop to cement what you uncovered and create a board to help you synthesize your best and keep you on track.

Happy Resolutioning!

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Capricorn- 4/Pentacles:

Happy Birthday, Ram! I hope you have a great day.

January asks that you be judicious with your resources, perhaps you overspent in December and now is the time to buckle down and be careful about your outputs. This might mean starting a budget or at least get a sense of what your spending and why. This advice goes for all your resources such as your time, your attention your helpful nature; be discerning about who gets it and make sure to leave some for you. If someone makes you feel guilty because you say no then it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

Aquarius- Strength: The Strength card shows up as we are approaching your birthday, water-bearer, and no one loves their birthday quite as much as an Aquarian. January is a month that highlights robust health, wellness and a sense of equilibrium between different parts of yourself. January may mean getting a big project out the way or many projects since your energy level will most likely be even and sustained throughout the day. This month may also emphasize working on your relationship with a pet.

Pisces- 4/Swords: December wore you out, Pisces! Just when December should give us a rest, and the holiday season often preventing that, January hits hard when we are still feeling perhaps a bit tired. Outside of work, try to rest and take care of you. Your sign tends to get ill when over extended so self- care if called for especially in January. What does rest look like to you? When was the last time you actually rested? Also, guilt for resting has no place here.

Aries- 6/Wands: January will include a big win for you, Aries. This big win will be from something you have been working on for a while; it could be a personal relationship that takes on a new leaf or possibility, it could be a work project that is successful or even a promotion. It’s a great start to a new year and all that work is going to pay off into something wonderful and positive for you!

Taurus- Ace/Swords: This card to me is often advice and the advice for you in January is to be impeccable with your word, be honest to a fault and to have communication that drives at honesty and boundaries negotiation even if the conversation is difficult to have with another. This card was given to you because there could be a situation that requires you to do all that I mentioned above in order to be successful. I know you dislike hurting feelings or making things uncomfortable for others but sometimes we have to speak our truth. Let it out so you can move on, bull.

Gemini- The Hanged Man:
There is going to be so much you will want to do and learn and talk about, Gemini! But, the Hanged Man is your lot for January meaning that there will be roadblocks everywhere you turn and you will just not get as much done as you had planned. You goal is to accept the roadblocks and sluggish timing for what they are and try to be patient. This card is also a card of sacrifice so there is a sense that the roadblocks are because if you wait, everything will be better in the long run. Gemini’s love to rush headlong into things but this January take some time to reflect and be strategic about your plans, in fact you will be forced to be so… take it easy.

Cancer- 9/Swords: It is really important that you take the time to create self-care because it would seem that for various reasons, January will be an anxious month for you. Sometimes we are very hard on ourselves in January; especially to our bodies, filling ourselves with self-recriminating resolutions based on what we thing are our flaws and drawbacks. Cancer, I want you to include a new year’s resolution such as, “I will be gentle with myself. I will love myself- no ifs and buts, or exceptions!” Anxiety is best dissipated when we give it our loving attention, breathing love into our centers until it goes away. A loving spiritual practice could also be very helpful for you at this time.

Leo- The Wheel of Fortune: Leo it looks like your luck may be on the downturn in January. Games of chance or anything that requires luck will not work in your favor. This month may also not be a good time to negotiate on large purchases like houses or cars. Keep your money in your pocket and play it safe.

Virgo- Knight/Swords: Relentlessly communicate your needs, Virgo. January is calling for you to create an argument, if you have to, if your needs or wishes have been swept under the rug so far. There is no need to be mean about it but sometimes being subtle means not being heard. There is a call to make waves this month as you clearly communicate what you want, no, what you need. This is not the time to play small, others need to be told loud and clear you are not one to be trifled with!

Libra- 8/Wands: January is going to be a very busy, high energy month for you, Libra, and your only job is to keep up because the fast moving energy is largely positive and a part of your transformation for 2014. It is very important to remain open and positive about the fast moving changes and projects on your plate for they will be very important in helping you later on. Shutting down or blocking this high-paced energy will only work against you because it is a force meant to help you, it may feel overwhelming at times but ride that big wave to shore.

Scorpio- 2/Pentacles: There will be some chaos and changes in January for you Scorpio, but it is nothing you cannot handle. The month may see movement as in literal moving of home or job or just a lot of things up in the air without a sense of how they will land. Your job is to keep moving despite what might feel like an ambiguous time; shifting moving changes without the sense of how it will all play out. You got this.

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When you think of the Emperor card, what do you think about him? Many interpretations of this card include something like, "...an authority figure concerned with society, rules and laws."

But what if there was more to the Emperor and more to be learned about your relationship with masculine authority?

When I think of the Emperor I often think of a Father Christmas archetype. Obvious in control but full of benevolence and responsibility to guide all.

Have you been a good girl or boy this year? The guided meditation is about 12 minutes long and I hope you join us on this journey.

Questions for consideration:

What did the Empower tell you? What story did you decide to tell him and why was it important?

What did he give you and what does it symbolize?

What do you need to do or let go of in order to facilitate or encourage the rich caring work that the Empower wishes to bring into your life?

How may identifying with the Emperor’s energy manifest in your life and how does visualizing him as Father Christmas reconfigure what you have known about him?

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   Sometimes I will see a client tell me, “I do not want to hear any bad news.” By bad news, I believe he is referring to cards which come up that he may not want to see like Death, The Tower or 10 of Swords. 

However, I am very Zen about Tarot, I do not believe that there are any bad cards.  I believe that there are hard truths and difficult outcomes, there are mistakes being repeated and sad endings that we can change or prepare for and for that, the Tarot can be its own weight in gold.

I cannot in good conscience lie about what I see. I have had clients walk out, yell at me, argue with me, defriend and unsubscribe from me and even then, I cannot make something that looks “bad” what they want to hear as hard as it can be for the both of us even knowing that the moment that I share the ‘bad news’ will be  the last time I might ever see you.

    Even though hurt springs to your eyes and you suffer, even though you blame me and call me a fake, a fraud, a ne’er do well; I still am only the conduit for the information and to lie about that means to lie about everything that I do and am.  There are readers out there who will only tell you the good news, because it is easy and it feels great. In fact, I know of a few readers who TAKE OUT the ‘bad cards’ in the deck; ensuring that everyone gets their happy ending. At the price of my integrity, I cannot do that. At the price of your beautiful shining spirit reaching to you through the Tarot, I cannot do that.

PictureRobin Wood, 1999

So when our Deep Self brings to us ‘bad news’ I find it to be a helpful warning about the things currently dealt with and the things to come. As Tarot is plotting a probability line we are being afforded a choice to continue to a path of unwanted outcomes or to prepare for an ending of a thing. Bad news gives us warning and also choices.

However, our egos- the part of us worried about the car and what the neighbors would think and is filled with fear and anxiety and separation- can get in the way of hearing the message.

We know that ego is acting up and trying to block the message by doing the following things:

·         Flipping completely out (using emotionality to override the message)
·         Feeling helpless and victimized
·         Blaming the messenger
·         Ignoring the message

So when we catch ourselves in the act of the ego responding we can then redirect ourselves by attuning to the message of our Deep Selves. Appropriate actions to ‘bad news’ are:

·         Understanding the message without excess emotionality
·         Looking into our part of creating the ‘bad news’
·         Pulling more cards for clarification and understanding of the outcome
·         Asking different kinds of questions to gain a greater understanding
·         Asking what is the lesson both spiritually and otherwise
·         Asking what actions we can take to change or influence the message
·         Asking how we can best deal with endings

    Many clients will respond after the reading that, “Deep down, I already knew that.” This is when Tarot is its most powerful to transform the current reality.

The Tarot are the breadcrumbs scattered across the pond so our Deep Selves can emerge up like golden Koi fish,  bringing their beautiful natures up to the surface.

We know the fish are always down there but in moments of transcendental clarity, during a tarot session, is when we get to hear what they represent and have to say. The tough hard stuff, that is where the work needs to be.

Helping to bring up Deep Truth to the light of consciousness is a beautiful moment that needs to be honored and to take out the bad cards, to ask to not hear the process goes against the very wonder of what Tarot can do.

PictureAthena and Centaur (Botticelli, 1482)

Sagittarius- The Wheel of Fortune:

Happy birthday, Archer! December’s Tarotscope highlights a change in fortune for you... the thing is, I am not sure which fortune you will get!

If you have had really bad luck of late then expect December to start feeling much easier, lighter, less of a struggle. If you have had a great run the past month or so then batten down the hatches, kid, cause that excellent luck is about to run out. Either way, expect big changes in December from the rest of fall.

Capricorn- The Fool:
The holidays can be such a stressful time, especially to those of us who want things just right, the wrapping perfectly creased (ahem). So if things do not live up to our expectations we can get stressed. The Fool is calling you, Capricorn, to let go of the small things and remember to see the holidays like you did as a child; full of wonder and joy. Create luscious playtime, eat deliciousness, hug deeply.

Aquarius- 10/Cups: Family, friends, loving relationships and strengthening ties are what December will be about my water bearer. Leave the political discourse at the door and over the holidays ask yourself, “What can I say or do to bring this relationship closer?” Let go of the need to be right (though you often are) and grasp more tightly to the need to be intimate and loving with your family. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin...

Pisces- Strength: You may find yourself as the sudden backbone and support for a variety of other relationships in your life. Those others will look to you for your wisdom, your calm, your emotional depth and connection. These others may also look to you for reassurance as they struggle with issues around fairness and your job is to provide them with strength both fierce and soft. Stay present and listen deeply.

Aries- Queen/Wands: There could not be a more natural correspondence between Aries and Queen of Wands; both are fiery, passionate, risk taking adventurers and in December your creative side will have a desire to come out, feeling crafty are we? Making Christmas gifts for others or dressing your table beautifully laden with remarkable food? Try to carve out some time to delve into your artistic spirit as it will enhance your fun of this season overall.

Taurus- The Sun: Being among family and friends, eating delicious snacks and seeing the twinkling of lights could be one of Taurus’ favorite things being the sensual creature that you are. December gives you that in spades my bull with December feeling very positive; full of friendship and drama-free(ish) good times. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Gemini- Ace/Cups: That heart achey Mercury Retrograde is still echoing in your heart, Gemini and it feels like October and into mid November were a trial for you. December brings to you the Ace/Cups: the card of love, reassuring you that dawn always comes and you are still so very, very loved and not lost, not one bit. Your job in December is to just accept the love and care lavished upon you by others.

Cancer- 7/Cups:
Hey dreamer, the card of illusions shines above you who are already one foot in dreamland. What are you planning for next year? What do you want 2014 to look like, feel like become for you? December is permission to dream, even that one tiny little impossible dream you cannot shake; draw it, journal it. In some small way bring that dream into the world. It is ok not to have a choice made yet, just follow you heart’s desire to the end of the road and decide to make a decision next month.

Leo- 6/Pentacles: Leo at her best is a Leo who is giving to others. Make December be about being selfless, give of your time, your resources and your heart to those less fortunate; ask yourself, “How am I serving the world?” and commit to giving more of that gorgeous bright-gold heart of yours. The term lion-hearted is one you will be embracing this month.

Virgo- Ace/Wands: December is a month of a new beginning for you; this could be in work, in relationships or in your home. Is there something you have been putting off doing? Make December the month to begin again and feel the amazing energy and passion that will come with living within who you really are, making decisions that bring you closer to your heart-song. We all have a heart-song beating out the rhythm of our lives and this month you will undertake to follow that melody more closely; say yes more and less ‘let’s see’.

Libra- Page/Cups: I love this card as it often signifies a sweet, innocent and loving relationship with another person. It does not necessarily mean romantic; it is just innocent and sweet; making cookies with a daughter, watching Wheel of Fortune with Grandma, snuggling with kitties emailing and calling those you love to tell them how you love them so. Send love notes along with those holiday cards and delve into the sweetness of being.

Scorpio- 4/Wands: Another one of my favorite cards, December highlights having a great time with family and friends and hosting events and parties at home that just feel good. Creating harmony and opportunities for celebration as you think about what you have accomplished in 2013 is in order. I am coming over to your place for New Year’s because it looks like you are bringing the party with you!

PictureNymph (Waterhouse)

I am rarely one to review Tarot decks but when I saw this gorgeous OMG YES deck in the works by Janet D.H. Hinkel I knew I had to help this vision by sharing it with you so that you, too, may fall in love. 

    Tarot of Delphi: Know Thyself

I reached out to Janet about 8 months ago offering to review the deck because YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT IT!

Janet is focusing on fine images from artists in the Victorian Neoclassical era from the late 1830s to about 1910 including Waterhouse, Leighton and many others.

The deck is a reasonably standard Tarot deck with one extra card at 79 but what I find most fasinating is how she turned the traditional court cards: Page, Knight, Queen and King into Devotee, Artisan, Hero and Enchantress.
These names invoke in me a dream of 1880s fairytales, nymphs, and a sigh for a largely imagined world gone by.
My first deck at 15 was the Enchanted Tarot (which also has neoclassical art) and when I gasped upon seeing Janet's vision I understood that my tastes have a reliable theme.

PicturePriestess (Leighton)
Every day another Tarot baby is born but Janet has the artistic knowledge and sense for iconic photos as well as a technical sense in Tarot.

Any reader of the Ride Waite Smith should have no problem transferring to these images as Janet has chosen art to closely match original sentiment while staying on theme. There are also some interesting small changes in the major Arcana that strengthen the theme throughout, for example the Tower is re-envisioned as The Shipwreck.

Janet's gorgeous compilation of classical work into a lovely Tarot deck is completely self published and she needs some help to get this beautiful deck birthed into the world. She is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to pay for some of the images that will be used (as she uses high quality museum art) as well as for the publishing of the decks.

If you have fallen in love like I did with this lovely work of art, mosey on over to her Kickstarter campaign and if you have to have this deck like I do... there are some wonderful give aways for every level of contribution.
There is also a video from her talking a little more about her process as well as theme for the deck. Enjoy!


Oh boy, if I had a dollar for everytime I heard the following joke, “Well you’re the psychic you should have KNOWN I was going to (fall, fail, buy a new car, whatever)!” I would be a very rich woman by now. In fact, because I hear it so often I now just kind of grit my teeth and the said heckler a very salty “dont MAKE me cast a spell on you” kinda look.

This particular assertion is annoying because it’s based on an assumption of intuition that is just completely false.

Let me explain with a little activity for you.

I want you to think about how many red cars you saw today on the road. It doesn’t matter where, it could have been while going to work or headed to the store. Can you please tell me how many red cars you saw.

Maybe you cannot? Maybe you are not sure?

Well, obviously since you cannot tell me how many red cars you saw, then that TOTALLY means you cannot see right? Because if you could see, you could tell me how many red cars you saw. Right? Your eyes are open and you are looking at everything around you, then you should be able to confidently give me that number.

That, in a nutshell is what people ask me about my intuition everytime they crack ye olde:
“YOU”RE the psychic, you should have KNOWN my Aunt Myrna would make a strawberry cupcake today.”

But, if you paid attention to every single thing you physically see you would not be able to do anything, you could not drive you could not walk you would just be staring at everything say "ooo pretty" to yourself all day long. 

You mind filters out most of the noise and then presents to you what is important to you, what is currently relevant, and what supports your agenda at the time.

Intuition is often the same way, at least for me. If I paid attention to every single random little intuitive hit I would be laying on the floor drooling by 10am. My conscious mind filters out most of the noise, it has to. Science has studied this phenomenon and suggests that 80-90% of external stimuli gets filtered out by our brain. This phenomenon is called sensory gating. 

Like sight, my intuition actually works best when I am given an activity, a question, or a line of thought to  follow. I receive intuitive messages based on what I decide to pay attention to. Just like any other sense.

And when I am not actively reading or putting my feelers out there, I am doing laundry, or writing this blog. It doesn’t mean that I am not intuitive all the time, I am, its just that unless if it s BIG BRIGHT message then I am just not paying attention because its not on my list of things to do.

There is so much misinformation and misunderstanding about intuitive thought that we measure its ability by metrics that are patently the wrong kind of tests for it. Asking questions like above, or making wide sweeping statements about what intuition can do is like using a teaspoon to measure the length of your house. 

The measurement does not fit the kind of data sought and so when a skeptic does that, he will be right over and over again.

Scorpio- Judgement: Happy Birthday and Happy "new" year to you. The Judgement card can indicate that you will be tested on something that is normally your weakness; it could be at work or home or even a lifestyle change. What are you working on, Scorprio? The thing that is difficult will become even more so, rest easy that this test will mean a breakthrough in a challenging aspect of your life, you can do it!

Sagittarius- The Empress: November means a fruitful, harvesty time for you Sag. What are you nursing into creation? What needs your full time, attention, and nurturing right now? There has been something a little neglected and it is time that you bring your ability to make things right back into balance...even if that means you. Your time and attention are so much moer important than your skill and ability right now, do not wait until you can 'do it right' in order to do it.

Capricorn- King/Swords: Capricorn, you got King of Swords...again! November still needs you to tighten up your communication with everyone. The first agreement is to be impeccable with your word. Strive hard to ensure that what you communicate is transparent, honest to a fault, objective and goal driven.

Aquarius- The World: November may feel like the month where everything falls into place for you. You may feel as if there has been a huge weight taken off of your shoulders and you just feel well... free. This limitless feeling will not last long so what do you plan to do with the expansive way you are feeling? Will you travel, try new things or make something new into the world? Any and all of this things are highlighted for you Aquarius.

Pisces- 2/Cups: Romance and intimate moments are highlighted this month, Pisces! That could mean the traditional dating life, a reinvigorated current relationship or even a deepening of a friendship or family relationship. Strive to understand more than to be understood.

Aries- Knight/Wands: November may mean a move in home or career. The move can be big as in a change in career or as humble as an office change; whatever it is expect things to be in mid shift in November as this Knight indicates movement of all kinds.

Taurus- 3/Cups: November promises to be a fun and social month, bull. Getting together with friends, deepening relationships with new and well-established friendships are also highlighted. Take those yoga pants OFF and put your party gear ON cause November may also mean a lot of social invitations. I know you like your home but this month its time to see and be seen.

Gemini- The Lovers: November feels much, much hotter than October did, Gemini! November is all about reconnecting or establishing a connection with someone you fancy. If you are in a committed relationship then take the time to heat things up because this is a card of passion and stoking some hot hot flames. Turn up the heat, Gemini!

Cancer- 3/Pentacles:
Cancer, the focus is still work-focused for you and you keep plugging along but the anxiety and uncertainty should be a thing of the past, in November look to work even closer with colleagues whose strengths compliment yours and endeavor to tighten up your work team. This is about work with others.

Leo- Temperance: November asks that you slow things down a bit, Leo as you have had one heck of a couple of months. As we ease into festival season it is important to make time to recharge and and replenish our reserves. Temperance also can be a card calling you to moderate your intake: food, drinks and whatever if a temptation to you, Lion!

Virgo- Four/Cups: It looks like you still might be deciding on something, Virgo as this card indicates some heavy re-evaluation on your end. There will be an option that you will not immediately consider and it will be the right one. This time, thinking outside the box (considering the person you never would have, or a position you normally would poo-poo at a glance) is the key to establishing the stability you are looking for.

Libra- 9/Cups: Last month you got 10/cups and this month you get 9/cups, you must really love Fall, Libra. Last month family was highlighted and November shows us a delightful card; feeling abundant, happy and thinking all teh hard work you have done to finally get to the place you are at in your life. November continues to be a nice month, the fruition of effort over a long time.

Over the last weekend I spent a marvelous and very educational time at
a Tarot conference. Yes, tarot people have conferences, too! I learned more
about interactive readings, spread creation and Lenormand!

 The Lenormand is a totally new oracle system completely different from
Tarot and I am a convert. The Lenormand was first published in 1799
France and was attributed to a wildly popular and powerful psychic, Madam Marie Ann Lenormand. Mde Lenormand did not in fact create this deck but her fortunetelling popular I
am sure was used as a marketing device for this deck.

 The Lenormand is a deck of 36 cards traditionally, with very simple
images such as Book or Bouquet and is read much in the way that we would create
The Lenormand Revolution created by Roz Foster & Carrie Paris
 For example, if you pull 3 cards from the deck and get: Woman + Anchor + Fish: Woman,
(you if you are a woman and asking a question about yourself) Anchor often
meaning a stable job and Fish meaning money coming, it could
mean a woman who gets a raise! 

People have been talking nonstop about the accuracy of this system and so I had
to give it a shot. And I have to admit I love it and I think it has a place alongside 

When you get a reading a reading from me and notice I am shuffling a
smaller deck while you hold the Tarot, I may just be using the Lenormand in
conjunction with the Tarot with you. If you are looking to use a divinatory
system that might be quicker to learn, I recommend you give Lenormand a


I think on everyone's daily checklist should be to spend at least 10 minutes outdoors. Not as in walking from store to car or from job to train as if nature were just  a way station between other things in our lives but a destination (and not just a destination to 'work out' in) outside is a place to be in.

My husband and I love to take nice long walks outdoors and when we do, we go slow and intentional. During that time we see so much; the mushrooms or wild edibles we want to eat, snakes, birds, animals, silence, smells, wind, and sky. As we slowly make our way engaging in nature we are often buzzed by by people on their phones, on their ipods, on their heart rate monitors completely disconnected to the outrageous AMAZING awe inducing LIFE that is constantly unfurling around us in every nook and cranny possible.

To many, the outdoors feels like an empty space, but usually that is because we are not paying attention. I have seen people either individually or in groups walk right past a herd of deer not more than 10 feet away, who then only see them on the sides of highways or in managed parks. I have seen others almost mow down sunning snakes and frogs on their mountain bikes with their music way up loud--not seeing anything, not taking responsibility for their partnership in this moment and in this space. Because that is what it is, a partnership and when we opt out by not paying attention only we lose.

When was the last time your feet were not on concrete? When was the last time you felt total silence? Facebook, twitter, all the things that work to keep us connected are actually disconnecting us from the REAL world. Endeavouring to take at least 10 minutes a day to be in nature, to connect with the real planet helps to calm, to recenter, to understand ourselves as the humble animals we are. In our short and miraculous conscious lives we get to see the beautiful creation and recreation all around us. This connection is as important as love, as sanity as truth as everything.


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